Fun Day is a teletubbies VHS volume.It was a lovely morning in Teletubbyland as the Teletubbies woke up and ran over the hills to play. They had just arrrived at a hill, when something appeared from far away. There were 4 toy dolls that looked actually like the Teletubbies. Po was first to pick up her toy and hug it.

The Po toy said "Fi-dit, Fi-dit, Fi-dit, Fi-dit, Mar, Mar, Man!" Then, Laa-Laa went to her toy, picked it up and hugged it.

The Laa-Laa toy said "Laa-laa-li-laa-laa-li-laa-li-laa!"

Then, Tinky-Winky went to his, picked it up, and hugged it.

The Tinky-Winky toy said "Pinkle winkle, Tinky Winky, pinkle winkle, Tinky Winky!"

Then, Dipsy went to his toy, picked it up, and hugged it.

The Dipsy toy said "Bup-a-tum, bup-a-tum, bup-a-tum!"

The Teletubbies kept playing with the dolls. They played House, Dress Up, and and Hide and Seek with the dolls. Then, the dolls disappeared.

"All gone!" said the Teletubbies. They did a big hug. Then, the magic windmill spun. It was time for the TV Event The Teletubbies ran to the hill where they stood for a TV Event. The magic windmill picked Po. The TV Event showed 4 little preschoolers playing in their bedroom with their favorite toys. The 1st boy played with his toy cars and trucks. The 2nd boy played with his favorite toy balls. The 1st girl played with her favortie toy animals. The 2nd girl played with her toy dolls. The TV Event played again one more time. When the TV Event was over, the Teletubbies ran over the hills to look for their favorite things. Po found his pink and blue watering can in the Tubbytronic Superdome and watered the flowers all around the home. Laa-Laa found her big orange flag by some flowers and marched with it all around the flowers. Dipsy found his guitar by some rabbits and played a song with it to the rabbits.Tinky-Winky found his drum by some trees and played music by the trees. When they finished playing, the magic windmill began to spin again. It was time for the Magical Event.

As the Teletubbies stood where they usually stood for the Magical Event, they heard a train's whistle.They watched the magic train on the bridge.It changed every color of the rainbow.

As evening begins to settle in, a talking tube rises and says "Time for Tubby Bye-Bye." The Teletubbies don't want to go to bed but they have to. They all say goodbye and head home just as the Baby Sun begins to set. They go inside their home and into bed as the Baby Sun sets and night settles in. The Teletubbies dream about their day.