The sketch starts with the Magic Windmill spinning with some creepy, scary and upbeat instruments playing over the usual soft magical tune. The Teletubbies arrive at their usual place in Teletubbyland. Once they arrive at their place, unlike in other Magical Events, the scene uses the Pink Elephants of Parade music and then the Teletubbies looks around, and then, unlike in other Magical Event Sketches, they turn back towards the camera and say "Uh-Oh!" Normally, there are soft magic event tunes that play in the other sketches, but in this sketch, a scary tune is heard. The Teletubbies then hear the sound of an elephants trumpet, the Teletubbies venture off to the destination of the Magical Event. The Teletubbies climb a hill. They then gasp as they get to the top of the hill and see a group of CGI Pink Animals marching in the distance two by two (like it is simlair to Noah's Ark) with the Pink Elephants Of Parade Music. As the Teletubbies watch the animals, it is revealed they are in a parade. The camera then zooms to a path in a field where it came from march past in twos. The following animals are tigers, penguins, snakes, elephants, flamingos, butterflies, tortoises, giraffes and frogs - there are 9 kinds of Animals and each of these nine are male and female. The tune changes like the sounds of each Animal, loud and dramatic for the tigers and the giraffes, slow and low for the elephants and the turtles, a slow, high-pitched African like tune for snakes (there are lots of snakes and music in Africa), a quick waddling tune for the penguins, soft and sweet for the flamingos and the butterflies and a quick nature tune for the frogs . The Animals continue to march through Teletubbyland in twos while the tune plays until the camera cuts to a far away view of a hill. The animals march out of the horizon and magically disappear in the correct order. The tune then ends and the animals magically vanish out of sight, with their shadows first dark, then light, then completly transparent. The empty hill is shown for 2-3 seconds and The Magic Windmill stops spinning.


  • This is later banned due scare kids after watching the elephants of parade
  • When the animals is walking they the elephants on paarade music from dumbo is sounding