Something Appeared from Away is a Teletubbies VHS Released in 2000. and DVD Released in 2015.


  1. Intro (Laa-Laa is the Missing Teletubby)
  2. The Curtains (From Ballet Rhymes: Jack in the Box)
  3. The Decoration (From Rangoli)
  4. The Magic Flag (Ned's Bicycle)
  5. TV Event - Christening (Po is chosen)
  6. Magical Event - Little Bo Peep
  7. The Chair (From Emily and Jester)
  8. TV Event - Lambs (Dipsy is chosen)
  9. The Swinging Dance
  10. The Drum (From The Grand Old Duke Of York)
  11. The Guitar (From Flamenco Guitar)
  12. TV Event - Gospel Singing (Laa-Laa is chosen)
  13. The Tooter (From Chinese New Year)
  14. The Balloon (From Living In Flats)
  15. The Bell (From Oranges and Lemons)
  16. TV Event - Windmill (Tinky Winky is chosen)
  17. The Present (From Strawberry Picking)
  18. Tubby Bye-Bye (Laa-Laa is the Boo Shouter)


Teletubbies- Something Appeared From Far Away

Teletubbies- Something Appeared From Far Away