We starts with the 5 teletubbies walking in teletubbyland when the outside of the superdome they apear a pool full of a dark purple viscous liquid and dandelion is swiming on the pool the teletubbies (exept dandelion) says What's That and tinky-winky eats some this cream and says eeeewwww, it tastes like Walt Tubbie's food (Walt Tubbie is mentioned but not appeared until the 2nd teletubbies movie) and they dandelion says to the teletubbies Eh-Oh, you can swim with me and tinky-winky says yes and enters to the pool then george, dipsy, la-la and po enters to the pool and they have fun in the pool, they Noo-Noo watches swiming and they surprises and uses the tubby sponge section in the panel control and Noo-Noo gives to the teletubbies 5 tubby sponges they the 6 teletubbies exit and they the teletubbies enter to the superdome very dirty and the teletubbies (exept dandelion) washes with a voice tube singing "Wash Wash Wash, Wash Wash Wash, Tubby Tubby Tubby Tubby, Wash Wash Wash" and they la-la smells dandelion and says eeeewwww and then Noo-Noo gives a new tubby sponge and they dandelion washes with the voice tube singing "Wash Wash Wash, Wash Wash Wash, Tubby Tubby Tubby Tubby, Wash Wash Wash". When all the teletubbies are clean the magic windmill start spinning and the telletubbies say Oh-Oh! and go running out for the house.


  • Is the first time that Noo-Noo uses the tubby sponge section of the control panel
  • The pool is a pit
  • The tube is a female instead of male
  • This is the first time that a teletubby smells stinky
  • Noo-Noo when is saying in the little microphone is saying sound effects
  • This is a short like segment
  • When they are dirty all the teletubbies are colored like of tinky-winky
  • This is the first apearence of dandelion and george
  • There is a cameo of the Tubby Tar Pit with the bear with his tongue stuck on the pit.