The segment opens with a close up view of the tubby custard machine they zooms out and they all the 6 teletubbies walk to prepair tubby custard and the machine fails Dandelion acidentaly falls to the button and they the machine shakes and make too much tubby custard strongly the 6 teletubbies say Oh-Oh and Noo-Noo try to tiddle the tubby custard for first time tinky-winky tries to catch the tubby custard,they one half of the superdome is full of tubby custard starting to the teletubbies swim in the tubby custard. When the superdome is full of tubbycustard they makes a tubby custard geyser and covers teletubbyland of tubbycustard in space view,they the teletubbies is covered of tubby custard and Noo-Noo activates the tubby sponges and when its done the teletubbies washes his body with a voice tube singing "Wash Wash Wash, Wash Wash Wash, Tubby Tubby Tubby Tubby, Wash Wash Wash" and the magic windmill stop spining and the teletubbies say Oh-Oh and the baby sun giggles.


  • This is the first time that Noo-Noo tiddles tubby custard (but is failed)
  • When the tubby custard covers teletubbyland the view is map view
  • Noo-Noo when is saying in the little microphone is saying sound effects like IUUUIJG,JUJUJUUJUJUJIIIIJIIIIII (i need the tubby sponge)
  • Before the teletubbies swim in the tubby custard the sun gigles screaming like the tubby toast accident