"Time for Tubby Toast," announced a speaker stick benevolently, and the Tellytubbies cheered and ran to their dome-house.

Po popped some tubby bread into the toaster and pushed it down – but nothing happened! She cried for a bit, then ran out to play with La-la and Dipsy.

Tinky-Winky went and got the toolkit out. He turned the toaster over and removed the screws in the bottom, before pulling the knob off the cartridge lever. Then he removed the cabinet body to get to the electrical contacts. They looked pitted, so he cleaned them with fine sandpaper. Depressing the toast carriage lever, he saw that the two sets of contacts touched firmly. Then he reassembled the toaster.

It worked! They all had Tubby Toast, and idled away the rest of the afternoon chasing rabbits.