Tom and Jerry is a New Magical Event.


Once There A Start With The Magic Windmill Spinning While The Teletubbies Walking to The Place Where We Wait for The Magical Event. However, There is No Sound Coming From This Event After The Baby Sun Giggles. The Teletubbies Walk to the Destination of The Event. When The Teletubbies Arrive at The Place to Watch, We Hear Some Classic Cartoon Sound Effects From Old Vintage Cartoons. The Teletubbes Laugh and Giggle That They Heard Funny Sound Effects. After The Sounds, We See a Gray Cat Named Tom Who is Chasing a Brown Mouse Named Jerry. The Teletubbies Giggle Each Other That They Look at a Cat and Mouse Duo. Tom and Jerry Are Chasing Everywhere in Teletubbyland. After The Chase Tom Get Tired and Puts a Mouse Trap With a Cheese That Tom Puts On and Set it Down While He's Tired. Jerry Still Running Until He Smells a Cheese That Tom Puts On His Mouse Trap. So Jerry Decided to Get a Cheese By Pulling it Hard and The Cheese Comes Loose. Jerry Eats The Cheese and Kicks Tom With a Foot and Tom Gets Shocked That Jerry Eats The Cheese On His Mouse Trap. He Touches The Trap and The Trap Snaps Tom's Finger Making Him a Loud "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!" The Teletubbies Laughing at Tom Hurts a Finger on His Trap. Jerry Laughs at Him Making Tom Really Angry and He Starts Chasing Jerry Again. Tom Finds a Tree That He Can Hide While Jerry Looks for Him. Jerry Doesn't Know Where Tom is, But Tom's Hand Appear and Finally Catches Jerry. The Teletubbies Makes an "Uh-Oh!" That He Catched The Mouse. Jerry Has an Idea. He Uses His Mouth To Chomp on Tom's Hand Making Him Scream in Pain. The Teletubbies Laugh at Him That He Got His Hand Hurt. Tom and Jerry Are Chasing Again in Trees, Hills, Bushes, Flowers, and Around Teletubbyland. It Ends With Tom and Jerry Getting Tired and Jerry Chomps on Tom's Tail Makes Him Scream and They Chased All Over Again and They Disappeared. The Teletubbies States an "All Gone!" and They Head Back Castle and Canterlot High School. and the Moon Came Out That Night Teletubbies Was Once Again Silent and Still Teletubbies Was Fast Sleep, and "Snuffle" Was All He Said,


  • This Event Uses Sounds and Custom Music From The 2006 Animated Series "Tom and Jerry Tales" As Well as Voices From The Series.