The Tubby Donut Maker is a machine that makes Tubby Donuts



  • A circle, square, triangle, rectangle and a star button is used for the shape of the donut.
  • A gauge like knob is used for the size of the donuts. Size ranges from XXXS (Extra Extra Extra Small)-XXXL (Extra Extra Extra Large.
  • A tan button is for regular dough.
  • A dark brown button is for chocolate dough.
  • A pink button is for strawberry dough.


  • A metal square lever is used to lower and raise the 1st tubby donut tap
  • There are three buttons, a white, a dark brown and a pink button used for the flavors (sometimes they spread tubby custard on it but there isin't a button for it.) the white one is vanilla, dark brown is for chocolate and the pink one is for strawberry.
  • A color bar is for the frosting color (It's the same thing on the control pannel where that one bar that has yellow and blue lights except it's sideways and it has a false color palate)
  • A gauge that looks like a gauge you see on a bike pump is the size for the second layer of frosting (If you have seen a gauge on a bike pump there is a red arrow and when you use it on the tubby donut maker and when you turn it to one of the numbers you will get that size.)


  • Another metal square button is used to lower and raise the 2nd tubby donut tap
  • Another color bar is used for the sprinkle colors
  • A thin rectangular button is for the regular sprinkles
  • A dark brown thin rectangular button is for chocolate sprinkles
  • A diamond button is for crystal sugar
  • A hexagon button is for nonaperils
  • A mini screen is for shaped sprinkles (You draw the shape of the sprinkles you want.)


It is like the tubby custard machine except its green and it has 2 multicolored LED disco balls on top of the two cylinders and the lights are also green. When you turn it on the disco balls move for a few seconds.

Sprinkler Donuts

Sprinkler donuts were invented sometime back in 2014 Patent #000345124 and when you turn the sprinkler on it starts sprinkling the sprinkles. The product was recalled for spawning more sprinklers on some of them instead of sprinkling the sprinkles.